Nursing Students Meet Graduation Goals

Submitted By: Sarah Coleman | Adams-Arapahoe 28j School District

A project currently exists in APS during the school year to teach Personal Wellness to our middle school students with University of Colorado Nursing students . With COVID and social distancing, we were unable to complete the “normal clinical” in schools. Recognizing that the students used for teaching in APS are senior level practicum students, a plan was organized to support all 90 Public Health Clinical students. Normally, APS utilizes about 1/2 of these students.

Anschutz Nursing clinical students who were completing a Public Health rotation were assigned health topics for students in 8-12 grade to develop Social Media Messages tied to grade level Colorado Academic Standards. For example: "Physical Activity and the Brain- what happens when you don't use your body?". Using knowledge about Social Determinants of Health, CU-CON students used data sources and needs assessments to complete projects remotely and produced a physical product for us to introduce this summer throughout schools. A total of 15 standards are now supported with videos and materials , and have received positive feedback from our student advisory process. Nursing students were able to complete their graduation requirements, and have taken next steps to enter the workforce as Registered Nurses, something that our country has shown to be a high priority need moving forward. APS is please to have been a part of this process.

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