Online PE Teachers Collaboration

A group for online PE teachers of all levels to collaborate on creating an effective PE environment within an online setting

The Hub 101

Find helpful hints and post your questions about using The Hub here.

Health Teachers in the Classroom

Please share exciting things you are doing in the classroom for health lessons!

Physical Activity Brain Breaks

Teachers need a better way to provide physical activity opportunities for students in the classroom because 

active kids learn better!

CDC Healthy Schools and CDE Student Wellness Grantees

Grantees for the CDC Healthy Schools (2018-2023) and CDE Student Wellness (2018-2021)

Merino Wellness

Merino Wellness Team

Healthy Charter Schools-A Group for Charter Schools in Colorado Interested in Advancing Student and Community Health

This group is open to any partners, staff, students from charter schools in Colorado interested in creating a healthy schools.  The purpose of this group is to share ideas, great resources and gain tips on where to find the resources needed for yo...

Stetson Elementary Wellness Committee

This group of teachers, administration, parents, and community members help in creating an environment that promotes health and wellness not only in our school, but also in the community that supports our school.

Tobacco (nicotine) Education and Prevention during Covid-19

Discussion on how we can continue to use a free tool to educate middle school and high school students on the harms of tobacco use. Open to anyone seeking to be a thought partner.

SLV Educators

This group is about sharing resources, professional development, announcements, and funding opportunities related to the schools and students of the San Luis Valley.  Please join this group, and feel free to post items as you like.

School Counselors

This group is for Colorado School Counselors to share resources, collaborate, post and find jobs, and to find funding opportunities to support the social and emotional health of their students.

School Wellness Leaders

This group is for all Wellness leaders from any school. Let’s share our thoughts, ideas and resources so that we can use what has worked for others, in our own schools. We all know the importance of being healthy and well, so let’s hel...

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