Rethinking Behavior: Building Emotionally Regulated Students

In the Rethinking Behavior Series, participants will be asked to rethink how they view behavior and begin to see it as an attempt to get a need met. With this in mind, participants will have the opportunity to consider how to make changes to their current practices and structures to better meet the needs of their students through a variety of approaches. Often, educators provide supports and accommodations to alter behavior in the school setting but forget that sometimes our students lack the actual skills needed to control their emotions or organize their thoughts. In this session, attendees will understand the need for developing our students’ skills in the areas of emotional regulation, social awareness, and executive functioning and will be given best practices in developing those skills.

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Date: February 19, 2019
Location: Denver Language School, 2949 California St, Denver
Contact: Kaci Coats -
Credit Hours/CEUs Offered: 6 CEUs

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