Multicultural Curriculum Development, Planning and Implementation

This session goes multiple steps further in building on the working definition of Cultural Competency and Identification of Misinterpretations of Communication and Movements. Participants see their space from a multicultural world view, highlighting specific instructional strategies and curriculum approaches to dismantling Biases and Deficit viewpoints. Our biases are the result of socially constructed information that we have all experienced throughout our life that teach us damaging and dangerous stereotypes and beliefs about groups not like ourselves. “Othering” is very implicit in children’s literature, in the curriculum, in our policies and practices, in hiring, and in the scope and sequence. Participants will first recognize and then acknowledge how practices perpetuate a “permanent minority” for certain groups versus others. Banks and Banks (1993) Model for Multiculturalism will be explored while participants discover key strategies for incorporation multiple viewpoints.

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Date: May 11, 2019
Location: Colorado League of Charter Schools Training Center, 4201 E. Yale Avenue, Denver
Contact: Trina Maul -
Credit Hours/CEUs Offered: 4 CEUs

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