Equity Audits as a Pedagogical Necessity

This session is the evaluation phase of this series where participants will explore “Equity Consciousness” and “Individual Awareness” in learning environments. Participants will follow strategies introduced by Skrla, McKenzie and Scheurich (2011) for conducting Equity Audits. Equity Audits serve as ongoing evaluation measures that review policy, practice, planning, instruction, and the development of lesson planning. Participants will be taught how to look for culturally responsive and relevant practices that meet the individual and unique needs of culturally different leaners and to identify practices that are grounded in Unconscious Bias and Deficit Thinking. Developing action steps for ensuring equitable practices will be a key walk away item at the end of this session.

Event Details

Date: June 8, 2019
Location: Colorado League of Charter Schools Training Center, 4201 E. Yale Avenue, Denver
Contact: Trina Maul - tmaul@coloradoleague.org
Credit Hours/CEUs Offered: 4 CEUs

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