Developing Collective Community Efficacy through Trust as a Mediating Factor

This session is the final installment of the series where participants will begin to take advantage of their cultural competence and apply it to every unique situation. This session is all about Efficacy among adults, learners and the community. Developing a Collective Efficacy – belief in me, belief in colleagues, colleague’s belief in me, belief in the community as a whole, and the community as a whole belief in organization – allows us to develop a sense of Trust with and among groups that are different than us. Trust has been found to be a mediator of multiple factors including race, economics, gender, biases, and misinterpretations. Once trust is established, there is a greater connection and belief in the positive outcomes of a group and organization. Culturally different learners and adults have to develop a sense of efficacy in order to develop trust.

Event Details

Date: July 20, 2019
Location: Colorado League of Charter Schools Training Center, 4201 E. Yale Avenue, Denver
Contact: Trina Maul -
Credit Hours/CEUs Offered: 4 CEUs

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